Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who's afraid of Google?


What company would develop 47 products that don't make money???

This means they must have other plans. One is beating Microsoft of course but I suspect the other one is even less innocent, they want to control the information - all of it.

It's funny to see Google is warning from privacy on social networks...

I was just thinking lately what would happen if one day I want to sell my company to Google, the amount of information their representative may have on me is endless...
Today I am using:
  • Gmail for private email
  • Gmail (Google apps) for company email
  • Google for search
  • Youtube for family videos
  • Picasa for some of the family images
  • Google talk
  • Chrome (sometimes)
  • Blogger for this blog, Google analytics to track it.
  • I also used Google checkout in the past.

Unbelievable! no one in the world knows about me even close to what Google does! I have no chance in the negotiation with them!

I truly hope I am going to have this problem one day :-)