Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Twittermania

I have been following the common technical/web blogs for a long time in my Google reader but lately it's becoming really boring. I am lucky to have a scroller in my mouse so I can just scroll through the blogs in seconds and see if there's anything interesting. The most annoying thing is the Twittermania that got everyone, I mean blogs such as Techcrunch, RWW, Mashable mention Twitter literally every second post.
Hey, there are even conferences about twitter... books about twitter...
I mean come on - it's a simply a group messaging system. Ok, they built a nice concept and they have a few million users - fine, but what is there to compare to Google? or even to Facebook? Did Google experience 60% of the users leaving their service in their early years as Twitter does?
There isn't a day that goes by with some blog that shows an amazing twitter graph (see above) like the one here which gives a strong feeling of a hype that is feeding itself.
So here comes my conclusion - Twitter just had the perfect timing, these crisis times are perfect for Twitter to rise because almost no one else does, there are very little new investments and so the blogosphere which has to write about something, is causing this crazy hype.
Hey, even I am bloggin about them :-) Nu Shoin