Sunday, May 30, 2010

Opening our developer blog

We've just opened a developer blog @ attracTV:

The reasons for opening are the usual ones - we'd like to get more exposure to the tech community, we'd like vidget developers who start working with us to see the dilemmas we have and the technologies we work with, we'd like to give a stage to our developers and we'd like potential employees to have another view of where they might join.

As a company working in the front of technology we're trying to do things that are sometimes beyond what the technology we work with was planned for, trying to be fast and competitive while still being a lean startup.

All this makes us deal with interesting tech challenges daily and I hope we'll enjoy sharing them, the tricky part would be to keep this blog alive, since it's not one of the regular tasks of anyone here to update it and we don't hire a product/development manager to do that.

My first post there is on how I chose the development tools and environment, if had encountered a post like this it may have saved me quite a bit of time of investigation.