Sunday, July 4, 2010

The world-cup as life milestones

Those last two days reminded me why I love the world cup so much. Yesterday Holland surprisingly kicked Brazil out and Uruguay bit Ghana after an exciting match which I mostly lost by falling asleep. Today Germany proved again that one should never bet against them by biting Argentina, how we all wanted to see Maradona holding the cup with Messi but we must admit the Germans play great.
So it made me think about past world cups and realize that this tournament once every four years is a great periodic milestone to look at the graph of your life progress, here's mine briefly
Mexico 1986 - I just remember Maradona, the rest is vague
Italy 1990 -  10t grade pupil, watching with friends
US 1994 - In the army, healing form injury . Watching in the convalescent home and some matches with friends at home
France 1998 - Watching the games in Cusco, Peru in my Travel around South America
South Korea & Japan 2002 - Watching with friends in my bachelors apartment (although with a girlfriend), watching some games at work.  Salaried employee in cash-u just returning from a work visit to Korea seeing the world-cup preparations.
Germany 2006 - Husband, waiting for the first child. Salaried employee in Unipier. Watching most games with friends, playing PlayStation in between.
South Africa 2010 - Husband, father of 2, start-up founder. Falling asleep in late games. Watching a game with friends more or less once a week while also playing PlayStation 
Brasil 2014 - Traveling to Brasil after the exit with my start-up, watching the matches around Brasil, watching the finals Brasil-Argentina in the Maracana :-)
Amen for the last prediction