Monday, October 10, 2011

Bikram Yoga

I wouldn't have believed that I'd be writing these lines but yes - I'm doing Bikram Yoga. I've been doing it for the last 5 months and surprise surprise... I love it.
It was my wife's idea, she said we should do something together, she said it'll help my aching back, she said while we already have the baby sitter we could go get a hamburger after the lesson - she knew my weak points, and it worked. And now I am even going by myself (real adult) and... mostly I don't even compensate myself with a hamburger.
For those who don't know yet, Bikram Yoga is yoga done in ~ 40°C. It's the most sweaty thing I've done in my life and (again) I like it.
I think I like it for two types of reasons-
One of the exercises I still can't do...
First, I feel great after a lesson, my back aches much less (sometimes not at all), I feel much better when I do other sports such as playing soccer.
The second reason is that I enjoy doing something that's in a way against who I am. Anyone who knows me knows that I might be a reasonable+ soccer, basketball, squash player but standing straight, and doing balance exercises (for 90 minutes!) is yuG (Guy in reverse).
This makes me think perhaps I should be doing other things I thought in the past that aren't for me, maybe I should go back to university and learn English literature, maybe I should encourage my wife's career and be the parent that comes home early every day to pick the kids, maybe...
OK, maybe not, but I do recommend everyone to try Bikram Yoga.