Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Start-up's founders must do marketing & selling

Not time to do the summary of my attracTV experience yet but I did spend some time thinking what was the turning point for me. I mean there were many tough moments along the four years but when did the process of leaving attracTV actually start maturing in my mind?
My conclusion is it started when I stopped selling. At some point (maybe 1 or 1.5 years ago) I became too occupied with the technical stuff, supporting existing customers, financial operations and other day to day issues, and in addition the focus of the biz dev completely moved to the US while we had tiny budget for traveling. At this point I almost stopped meeting new customers, investors and partners. I also got a bit tired of going to local meet-ups.
In retrospective I realize this was a turning point. Why? because my mind became 95% of the time busy with problem solving, customer support and company operations. I was dealing with problems instead of focusing on the good things, on the dream and the vision.
If you had woken me up at 3am I could easily tell all the technical, product and business difficulties but I really had to stop and think if I had to remind my self what the dream and the opportunity were.
I think the solution for this is simple, if you are a founder you must be constantly marketing & selling your start-up. Whether it's to customers, partners, investors, presenting in conventions or anything else but you must be selling your idea constantly - that'll keep you thinking about the positive things and the dream.
One of the notes to myself for next time...